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Coming of Age

Building on the stories told in the nursery rooms at National Trust Lanhydrock, visitors can now see the ‘Coming of Age’ rooms.

As part of the reimagining of the Lanhydrock Family route, 'The Coming of Age' experience explores these rooms to continue the Agar-Robartes children's narrative, transitioning from the nursery to their journey into society. Explore the glamorous world of debutante balls, learn the waltz dance steps (and rate yourself out of ten!), then step into Tommy's rooms for a glimpse into life as Lanhydrock's heir.

  • Coming of Age

Eva's room is presented as space for ‘performance’, a preparation space for something great which lies ahead. Eva and Tommy opened the dancing at one of the several evenings celebrating his coming of age, so we created a ‘dance steps’ carpet.

Lanhydrock - Coming of Age Dance Mat

Eva's Dress

Lanhydrock - Coming of Age

A sofa [dressed as the description for the ball setting] incudes ‘interpretation’ paddles - information on one side, dance ‘score’ on the other.

Tommy's suitcase case - returned to the house following WW1

In Tommy's dressing room, a central steamer trunk serves as a prominent orientation device, featuring various compartments and drawers for interactive presentation of objects and letters, providing an immersive exploration of Tommy's life.

In Eva's room, a camera tripod with a vintage camera included in phone holder… allowing visitors to simply drop their phone into the slot, press go on the video and get dancing!

Coming of Age
Coming of Age